March 28th, 2017.

You might not have the manpower of a larger business, but there’s plenty to be said for a small and tight-knit team. From employee perks to productivity hacks, here are four ways to take advantage of your small-business status and keep your team happy, loyal and engaged.

Increase performance by offering choice

Night owls, meticulous planners, sprinters and new parents: everybody works best under different conditions. As a small business, it’s much easier to implement flexi-time and allow people to work from home, and the benefits are huge: employees are much more productive and loyal when they have some say in how they organise their time. Larger companies can find this difficult to manage, as coordinating schedules can be challenging and it’s harder to keep track of how well remote employees are performing. 

Retain talent with small-biz perks

Large corporates can’t usually afford to treat everyone to lunch each week or finish early on a whim. You can. Workplace happiness is crucial to employee retention, and can actually be more effective than salary in preventing talent from jumping ship — 80-90 per cent of employees actually leave for reasons other than money, so building a strong relationship with your team and focusing on employee growth and happiness can go a long way.

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