April 4th, 2017.

Putoline has been a firm favourite of scooterists over the years, with a range of high-quality lubricants covering 2T, 4T, and Classic scooters now available to trade from VE (UK).

S2: is a semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil. The product is suitable for Road and Off-Road motorcycles, scooters and ATVs that are used under regular conditions. Use S2 for both pre-mix and autolube systems.

TT Sport: is a clean-burning, high-performance 2-stroke oil. Suitable for both pre-mix and autolube systems.

MX5: a synthetic, high-grade 2-stroke Off-Road oil. The product is recommended for use in MotoCross and Enduro engines and has been tested extensively on circuits all over the world.

TT Scooter: is a low smoke, clean-burning, high-performance 2-stroke oil. One of Putoline's top selling products.

Classic Scooter: Classic Scooter is a premium-grade scooter oil. It is suitable for Lambretta, Vespa and other classic and modern 2-stroke scooters, pre-mix or injector. Classic Scooter contains a red colourant and can therefore clearly be seen in the fuel.

Scooter 4T+ Eco: Scooter 4T+ ECO 0W-30 is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil. The unique formula provides the protection that is required for frequent stop/start riding conditions in busy city traffic. Scooter 4T+ ECO 0W-30 is exclusively developed for modern 4-stroke scooters that meet the latest Euro 4 exhaust gas emission requirements.

Racing Grease: Racing Grease is a special, EP2, lithium complex grease. The product is of the highest quality and has excellent mechanical stability. Its fine structure will not allow oil separation. Racing Grease is water resistant and fully suited to race applications. Available in 100g tubes or 600g tubs.

To order the above Putoline products available from VE (UK) visit: www.ve-trade.com (registration required).

Contact VE (UK) by: Telephone on 0115 946 2991, Fax on 0115 946 9292,
0r by email at: sales@ve-trade.com