May 12th, 2017.

Motorini has added the new GP50 scooter to its range of high-spec, sensibly priced learner-legal models.

The Motorini GP125 scooter has proven to be popular with dealers and customers alike, providing easy twist-and-go performance and economy in an attractive, sports-styled package.

Against recent market trends, Motorini dealers have been requesting a 50cc version of the GP design for some time, and the company has responded with the introduction of a feature-packed, stylish machine utilising the same reliable and proven four-stroke engine and fully automatic transmission used in its popular XP50 model.

The GP 50 is available in the same cobalt metallic blue and pillar box red colour schemes as its 125cc big brother. It also features the same, easy-rolling and stable 12” wheels, hydraulically damped suspension front and rear, ventilated hydraulic disc brakes, clear MPH dials, a large LED rear light, silicone fork protectors, sleek but wide mirrors, a rear grab handle which accommodates top box fitting, a durable non-slip seat, under-seat storage and polished alloy levers.

From a dealer perspective, as with all Motorini models, the new GP50 arrives fully built and can roll from delivery crate to showroom saving dealers significant build time.

SRP £1149 + OTR Charges.

For further details of the Motorini range of Euro 4 compliant machines and dealer open areas contact:

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