May 10th, 2017.

Now available from VE (UK) is a new flywheel that is suitable for fitment to both the PX and PK - large taper cranks - range of scooters.

The PK50 XL flywheel with large taper fitment was often converted for use on the PX by adding a second keyway, with a 1.8kg weight being lighter than the standard PX flywheel. This conversion was popular with tuners until the PK XL flywheel production ceased many years ago.

The new flywheel has the same 1.8kg weight but comes pre-modified with two keyways, one for the PK and one for the PX, and will fit with the standard Ducati six pole ignitions on either the PK or PX (pre-2011). Electric start is not supported by the flywheel, but it can still be fitted to electric start motors.

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