May 18th, 2017.

High-Performance Upgrade Armour. Available for either aftermarket or OEM.

Isolator 1 CE1

Isolator 2 CE2

• Formulated over two years and with continuous development the slimline CE1 armour is only 8mm thin and a featherweight 57g. (Hip part)

• The Isolator CE2 is only 12mm thin and passes the CE2 test from 10.6kN.(Knee)

• The Isolator 2 back insert passes at 6.3kN.

• This makes the Isolator armour ultra-high performing, amazingly thin and featherweight.

• The CE2 range passes at all four criteria of the rigorous test- Ambient, Wet, Cold and Hot.

The Highest performance armour available.
Using added memory properties, and special high-density formulations, Isolator produces industry-leading impact figures, while being ultra-thin and featherweight.

Not noticeable when fitted, breathable and heat reactive making for a super soft and comfortable feel.

Add huge safety to any motorcycle garment where the armour is of low-quality, sub-standard, or simply not fitted!

Multi-Impact testing.
The Isolator two piece was impacted eight times, in the same spot, with zero material recovery time.

The results indicated that the armour would still pass the CE2 test even after this extreme testing! (Average was 14.09kN- Isolator Arm/Knee part)

Low Profile
Isolator CE Level 1 limb 8mm
Isolator CE Level 2 limb 12mm
Isolator CE Level 1 back insert 12mm
Isolator CE Level 2 back insert 18mm

Isolator comes in the following shapes, in both CE1 and CE2 form.

• Back inserts x 3 shapes
• Shoulder Armour
• Arm/Knee Armour
• Knee-Specific Armour
• Hip Armour

More custom shapes being developed.

All Forcefield products feature Dri-M Technology. Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials.

For more details, please Matthew Dawson.
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