June 1st, 2017.

Having good access to finance can be the key to survival for many small businesses. However, banks have long offered little but lip service to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), preferring instead to lend to large firms that have little need for it other than to opportunistically increase their market share.

This SME funding gap has resulted in the emergence of alternative lenders that see the potential in innovative and resilient small businesses. But what are the financial needs of small businesses, and where does this funding go?

Cash flow
No matter how effective a company’s business model, it could be doomed to failure if it doesn’t maintain sufficient cash flow. Indeed, poor cash flow has been shown to account for 80-90 percent of all business failures in the UK.

Alternative finance can offer small businesses freedom and choice, whether they are seeking longer-term investment to fuel growth or short-term fixes to manage cash flow. With some alternative business loan providers approving a loan in just 48 hours, and others able to deposit funding the same day, alternative providers can offer greater flexibility, while matching the unique needs of individual businesses.

This can prove to be a lifesaver for businesses whose cash flow is routinely affected by late payments or the challenging payment terms of larger companies.

As your business grows, it might need to invest in new machinery, additional staff, supplies and perhaps new or additional....

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