BEN REPORT 2016-2017
June 29th, 2017.

Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people, has released its annual Impact Report which reveals financial health is the main reason why people contacted Ben for help (49%) in 2016/17. This is an 11% increase YOY, with low income reported as the biggest financial challenge for those working in the automotive industry.

Perhaps the most telling statistic Ben reports is the 78% YOY increase in people asking for help with their mental health and wellbeing. This is a significant statistic for the industry to be aware of and shows there are some very serious challenges being faced by people, impacting directly on businesses and, therefore, the automotive sector as a whole.

This big surge in enquiries to Ben about mental health has also perhaps been driven by increased awareness about these issues in the news and by our own awareness campaign, Hats on 4 mental health, which launched last year. Ben’s mental health campaign (including Hats on 4 mental health day) is running again this year from October to December. As part of the campaign and to directly address these findings, Ben will launch a new programme of mental health training for the automotive industry. So, watch this space for more information.

To read the full report, CLICK HERE.

During April 2016 to March 2017, the organisation has helped over 3,000 people working in the automotive industry with their financial, social, physical and mental health, which is 14% more than the previous year.

Furthermore, Ben reports 6.5% repeat cases (people requesting help with the same issue more than once) in 2016-17, compared to 32% repeat cases in 2015-16. This is an impressive 25.5% decrease in repeat cases YOY, which shows how the support offered by Ben has helped people to find long-term solutions for their problems. Historically, people kept returning to Ben with the same issues, often because the root cause of the problems wasn’t being addressed. This latest set of results show how an increased focus on providing the relevant help, support and preventative advice produces meaningful and sustainable results for people. This is backed up by the feedback received from people who have been supported.

Thanks to the continued support from both companies and individuals in the industry, Ben’s fundraising income increased by 10% on the previous year. These additional funds will be used to further develop our support services for the industry.

Earlier this year, Ben was named as one of the five most popular payroll giving companies, along with big UK charities such as Cancer Research UK and NSPCC, receiving a total of £662,000 from over 13,000 individual donors. Furthermore, Ben saw a 32% increase in fundraising from events including Ben Ball, Bangers4Ben, the Industry Leader Challenge and other challenge events during the year.

The report highlights that Daksh Gupta, CEO of Marshall Motor Holdings Plc, raised over £150,000 after undertaking a skydive in the first ever Industry Leader Challenge last year – a fantastic result! Daksh handed the baton for the 2017 challenge to Jeremy Hicks, MD of Jaguar Land Rover UK, who will be swimming the English Channel with a team of colleagues this August.

In order for Ben to help more people, raising awareness within the industry is vital. In 2016-17, Ben spoke to over 3,000 people at workplace awareness programmes and trained a total of 2,265 managers and employees about mental health and wellbeing. Raising awareness about how Ben can support the people of the automotive industry is a significant area of focus for 2017-18.

Zara Ross, Ben’s Chief Executive, said: “We’re proud to publish our annual Impact Report for 2016-17 which offers clear information to the industry about the biggest issues that people working in our sector are facing. It provides insightful, powerful data which informs the industry about the most serious concerns for the workforce and thus the industry as a whole.

“The report also shows the real positive differences Ben has made to peoples’ lives. We have seen growth in two key areas across the business – the number of people we have supported and our fundraising income. We are very grateful to all of our supporters who have helped raise awareness and funds to enable us to continue to support the automotive industry and its people. Ben is an integral part of the UK automotive industry, supporting and equipping people with the tools they need to stay healthy for work and for life, as well as enabling businesses to help their most important asset - their people.

“I would like to finish by saying a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters for your involvement. You play a crucial role in enabling us to help thousands of people each year and make it possible for us to deliver a positive impact to the industry. We simply can’t do this without your support.”