July 5th, 2017.

Putoline, distributed by Neo Distribution, has brought a number of new products to the market, just in time for the summer biking surge.

Formula 1001 Penetrating + PTFE

1001 penetrating, lubricating and protection spray, which now features the addition of PTFE. 1001 also has a new dual straw nozzle, allowing users to switch from spray to precise stream in an instant.

Lubricates, cleans and protects. This PTFE multi-purpose penetrating lubricant spray is formulated to displace moisture and protect metal and other parts from corrosion, perfect for use as both a universal penetrating, and cable spray.
RRP £9.43 (500 ml)

E10 Fuel Fighter
Powerful additive for fuel systems. Protects against the harmful effects of Ethanol and E10 fuels.
RRP £11.88 (250 ml)

500 ml Aerosols

New designs for the Putoline 500 ml aerosol range feature highly-visible yellow caps and product-specific motorcycle parts spotlighted under light and dark shades of blue.

Tyre Fitting Lube
Premium lubricant for fitting and removing motorcycle tyres. Quick drying and non-marking.
RRP £10.71 (500 ml)

Tyre Shine
Premium tyre spray with a unique composition. Restores the original black colour of tyres. Leaves a satin gloss finish and protects against drying out.
RRP £10.71 (500 ml)

Dual Straw Nozzle

This new dual-straw nozzle provides the ability to instantly switch between spray and precise stream functions, delivering greater control over the application of the product. The following 500ml Aerosol products are now available with a Dual Straw nozzle;
• 1001 Penetrating + PTFE
• DX11 Chain Spray
• O/X Ring Chain Spray
• Tech Chain
• Drytec

Contact: Putoline Distribution Ltd. T: 01778 349333. E: sales@putoline.co.uk. W: www.putoline.co.uk