July 7th, 2017.

Here, Dave Millett of Equinox, gives his top tips on how you can protect your business from telecoms supplier contracts.

It is not unusual to be told ‘sorry you are still in contract’ when raising a query with your business telecoms supplier. Are you really? Maybe, but may be not!

If you are not sure whether you are in contract, or you’d like to protect yourself before committing to any new or additional deal, here are some tips.

Remember that the onus is on the supplier to prove contract end dates. Their system may have a date but it could be incorrect as a result of data processing errors. It is also possible that the supplier is attempting to mislead you. Can they provide reasonable proof such as a call recording or a copy of the original signed document or e-contract? When suppliers avoid providing such proof it’s hard not to speculate that they’re hiding something. In a situation where no proof was provided a letter to the chairman of a major supplier resulted in confirmation of release.

Contract rollovers?
Ofcom rules protect consumers and businesses with ten employees or fewer. This protection includes a ban on automatic rollover of contracts – customers are given the ability to cancel contracts because of prices rises and/or failures to offer.....

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