July 10th, 2017.

R&G has become UK distributor for Wild Ass motorcycle air seat cushions. Designed using clinically-proven medical seating technology, the cushions help ease painful pressure points and numbness, ensuring a comfortable ride, no matter the distance.

Every motorcyclist, particularly those used to riding long distances, will have experienced discomfort and numbness at some point in their riding career but that can soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the R&G-distributed Wild Ass seat cushions.

Using proven technology, the air seat cushions also help to promote blood circulation via adjustable, interconnected air cells which conform to the rider’s shape – regardless of weight or seating position. The cushions also help to reduce lower back pain by lessening the impact of shock and vibration, and also increase air circulation under the rider, dispersing heat and perspiration far quicker than a standard motorcycle seat.

Wild Ass air seat cushions are available for a wider range of motorcycles than any other cushion on the market. The Wild Ass Smart model is a universal fit for most large and small Cruisers, whilst the Wild Ass Sport was designed with a six inch front to match the narrower seat profile of sportier-styled motorcycles, such as Sports Tourers and Sportsbikes. The Wild Ass Pillion range ensures passengers can ride in comfort too.

Each of the three models also comes with a choice of three insert options, further setting Wild Ass apart from the competition. Wild Ass Lite is made from an economical and lightweight polyurethane and is perfect for the budget-conscious rider. Wild Ass Air Gel is made with three layers of polyurethane, making it more durable than the Lite version, as well as featuring gel pads inserted inside each individual air cell to provide additional cushioning, shock absorption and vibrations dampening. Air Gel can be used without air, for when the rider wishes to feel close to the bike but also wants some additional cushioning. Wild Ass Classic is the ultimate in comfort and elasticity. Made with medical grade neoprene rubber, it provides the rider with a natural feel in the seat and is the premium product for frequent, long-distance riders. Each insert is easily inflated by hand, allowing the rider to customise the pressure to their exact specification and riding comfort.

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented; “Anyone who has toured on their motorcycle, or regularly rides long distances, will know all too well the discomfort hours spent in the saddle can cause. Thankfully, the Wild Ass range of cushions eliminates that pain, meaning you can ride longer and travel further in complete comfort!”

Wild Ass air seat cushions are available now from R&G, with prices starting at £99.99 including VAT.

For more information on the full range of R&G products and dealer opportunities, contact Alan Garrett, UK Sales Manager, on 01420 89007 or email alan.garrett@rg-racing.com. Alternatively get in touch with your R&G Sales Agent.