July 14th, 2017.

Apico invited some its dealers from across the country to Apex Motocross Track to test the latest GET RX1 Power systems. With the GET Team flown in from Italy to prepare the bikes, the dealers or their top sponsored riders were given the experience of the next generation of electronic ignition systems and launch controls that are taking the off-road world by storm.

The conditions were pretty simple. The bikes had to have a stock engine and be a motocross or enduro bike from 2016 onwards. The only modification allowed was an aftermarket exhaust. The riders went out first and did a few laps of the track to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and conditions with their bike in standard form. When they came back from the track, the GET technicians then fitted the appropriate RX1 Power ECU, LC-GPA (launch and power control system) along with the Mode button for their make/model/year of the machine. The riders went out again and tested the ECU with the power restricted, so no matter how much they twisted the throttle the engine was controlled by the ECU, almost acting like a traction control unit by labouring the engine into corners and re-applying the power whilst exiting.

The riders then went to a controlled starting area after being shown how to activate the launch control aspect that is part of the GPA system. There they simulated a race start and held the throttle at the point where the LC-GPA began to flash, showing the optimum start position for their machine. From this point, all they had to do was dump the clutch and trust the new technology to do its job, and keep the front wheel of the bike down while accelerating from the start.

Tom Duddle, MX dealer POA Racing; “I’d had the systems explained to me previously by my Apico rep and staff in the office, but it wasn’t until I tried the system myself I saw the amazing benefits, certainly from the launch control device. My starts vastly improved and by the fourth or fifth attempt, I had the perfect start dialled. The bike was revving a lot more than I am used to, though the front wheel kept down all the way along the straight as long as I didn’t touch the clutch after initially letting it out. As any rider will know this is a totally alien concept, as riders usually feather the clutch to stop the front wheel from coming up when going down a start straight. Amazingly, the engine and ECU controlled everything power wise and the front kept down and I was able to power away. I am pretty sure this would guarantee me a holeshot every time, as long as my competitors also didn’t have the LC-GPA on their bikes too!”

Dylan Brown, director Apico; “We’ve invited the dealers to let them experience the products GET has so they can see and feel the difference, and the advantage available to them. A number of dealers and riders who attended today, ordered the products they have tested. This is a testament to the products and the experience our customers have had today and we’re looking forward to the next free trial day with some more customers. I’d like to thank Colwyn Bay Motorcycles, Chris Walker Kawasaki, Edghill Dirtbikes, Everything But Bikes, Holeshot Motocross, Houseman Racing, MX Racing, POA Racing, SCT Tuning & SPS Ltd for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and test the products with GET”.

To book onto the next GET Test Day with Apico, email your interest to scott@apico.co.uk for dates and availability.