July 21st, 2017.

Available from Bike It, leading security brand Mammoth has a range of high-quality, yet affordable security solutions.

From heavy-duty ground anchor locks to portable but robust disc locks, Bike It says it has a product perfect for securing both road and off-road motorcycles. Here’s a small selection;

Mammoth Square Chain with Shackle Lock – Thatcham Approved
Thatcham approved chain and lock. 12mm square link Cro-Mo steel is formed into narrow links that provide exceptional strength, while reducing any leverage a potential thief may apply. The lock body is made from hardened steel and uses a double bearing mechanism and reinforced cylinder plates to make it resistant to drilling and picking.
• Fully Thatcham Approved – Category 3 Mechanical Immobiliser
• 12mm square link Cro-Mo steel chain
• Available in 1.2 and 1.8 metre lengths
• Hardened steel lock body with double bearing lock mechanism
• 11mm hardened Cro-Mo steel closed U shackle
• Reinforced cylinder plates resist drilling and picking
• Mammoth 5-minute attack tested – rated 5 star
RRP: 1.2m £79.99
RRP: 1.8m £89.99

Mammoth Alarm Disc Lock
• Fits front or rear brake disc
• Alerts as soon as the bike gets knocked – Alarm sounds
• Robust disc lock with motion activated alarm
• Fits bikes and scooters with disc brakes
• 1110-decibel alarm
• Mammoth 5-minute attack tested – rated 5 star
RRP £39.99

Mammoth Concrete-in Ground Anchor
• Heavy duty ground anchor
• Manufactured from hardened steel
• Rotating head section allows optimum access for chain and ease of use
• Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
• Weight: 3.6 kg
• Mammoth 5-minute attack tested – rated 5 star
RRP: £59.99

Speak to your Bike It Representative or visit for further details. For new account information, call 023 8065 8700.