July 27th, 2017.

The production of fake products is a widespread global problem but not necessarily a dangerous one until that is, it hits the motorcycle industry. Here, the consequences of counterfeit helmets, back protectors, leathers, etc, could be catastrophic - in some cases, life threatening.

Datatag, the market leader, and widely-trusted security marking brand has launched a brand-new product to tackle the growing trade in the area of fake products. This new ultra-hi-tech 3D holographic ‘label’ based solution provides manufacturers with the ability to attach an ID label to their products at point of manufacture or, if required, distribution which simply cannot be copied. Using the latest printing techniques this unique label simply appears as a gold metallic sticker until viewed through a special ‘Authenticating Card’ whereby the manufacturer’s logo is miraculously visible. The ‘hidden’ print can have full-colour texts and images and this unique technology has been developed through the use of uniquely synthesised chemicals under a high-tech development process.

The technology in creating this ‘hidden’ image is so advanced that it is not available to the general public and unlike widely accessible holographic labels often employed in the fake business is virtually impossible to copy due to its wide range of colours, shades and complex resolution designs.

Kevin Howells, MD at Datatag said "This new product is a very welcome addition to our portfolio of asset marking technologies. It will allow any company wishing to end the trade in fake goods to make a serious step towards achieving that aim. We are already in discussions with a number of companies about how this high-tech security label can protect their customers and importantly their dealers too."

For more information call Datatag on 01784 778 316.