August 23rd, 2017.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), and National Motorcycle Dealer Association (NMDA), is conscious of recent increases in the theft of motorcycles from dealer premises and, as a result, has put in place a simple system for dealers to centrally record the theft they’ve suffered.

The reason for the newly-introduced scheme is that, given the structure of the police on a national scale, and the general classification of the crime, there is no central information that the police can draw upon to establish whether the criminality is organised; nationally or regionally. The MCIA advises that the submitted data will enable the size of the problem to be quantified.

In the event of a motorcycle business suffering a theft or break in, the MCIA is asking for the details to be recorded on the dedicated website This information will only be shared with the police and will never be released into the public domain.

The MCIA is keen to point out that recording theft details on this secure website is additional to, and not a substitute for contacting local police and insurance companies. Further, it recognises that this involves extra work at a time when the business is under a lot of strain, but the sharing of information will help the Association highlight the issues current impacting the motorcycle industry nationwide and could assist police forces to tackle the criminals that could well be moving around the country.