September 1st, 2017.

The ever-evolving Arenacross (AX) Tour appears to have pulled off another promotional biggie this summer by involving its FMX crew with beyond-industry events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and Carfest (north and south).

Around 500,000 visitors, across all three events, were exposed to motorcycling, albeit an alternative form, and feedback suggests it has worked by placing the world of motorcycles firmly in the public eye.

AX promoter Matt Bates said; “We set out with a target to introduce more families to MX than ever before – and we’ve achieved more than we could have ever expected. Over fifty per cent of our AX ticket buyers are totally unconnected to the sport and if we’re planning to keep growing, we need more fans, more ticket buyers, more readers and more riders – and we’re out there actively getting people involved on a very large scale”.

The 2018 AX Tour kicks off on Saturday the 6th of January at the Manchester Arena. Go to for further information.