September 1st, 2017.

Many people in the UK think that private healthcare is not affordable or accessible. With less than 10% of UK citizens using private health insurance, the majority are happy to use NHS healthcare which is either free or a fraction of the price. 

The only issue is that with the NHS comes long waiting lists and sometimes it can take weeks to get an appointment for something that is causing you pain. Similarly, you are placed with a clinic or consultant that is not necessarily close to you and this can be a real inconvenience.

However, there are some very smart ways to get access to private care which can help you get seen quicker and the consultant of your choice.

Health cash plansA health cash plans starts from as little as £6 per month and it works by taking the total you spend and being able to use 6 times the amount towards the cover of your choice.

It is commonly used for appointments and outpatient treatments likes dentists, optometrists and physiotherapists. But rather than having to wait several weeks for a sore neck or wisdom tooth to be treated, you can book privately and see a specialist on the same day. (Source: MediCompare)

There is no medical examination required so you can apply with an insurer directly and get started. This option is....

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