September 14th, 2017.

VE (UK) stocks an excellent range of starter motors and Bendix gears for most capacities of automatic scooter.

The starter motor is one of the highest wear electrical components on today’s automatic scooters. It gets a hammering in normal use, and suffers more under strain in the cold.

With many larger capacity machines now relying on the starter motor as the only method of starting the machine, (ie. machines with no kickstart mechanism), should the starter motor fail, it renders the machine unusable. Add to this water and dirt ingress, and wear is accelerated causing premature failure.

VE supply starter motors for machines from 50cc to 500cc.

The Bendix gear is used in conjunction with the starter motor and it can also suffer wear through repeated use, as it engages and disengages from the starter ring gear. The VE range of Bendix gears caters for the most popular 50-200cc automatic scooters.

All of VE’s starter motors and Bendix gears are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications.

To view the complete range of starter components available from VE (UK), visit: (registration required).

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