September 28th, 2017.

Mark Williams, Trader’s veteran and often controversial columnist has launched some of Britain’s most successful and groundbreaking motorcycle magazines including Bike, WhichBike?, MotorCycle International and Classic Bike Guide but his latest is, quite literally, a four-wheeled vehicle, The Classic Motoring Review (TCMR). Flying in the face of a digital reality that’s seen circulations steadily decline, Williams’ new baby is a beautifully produced, print-only title, available only on subscription. He explains his apparent folly thus:

“Because I love them, I wanted one last stab at publishing a print mag and nearly got there with custom bike and off-road titles, but the competition for readers and advertising was almost all online or owned by large outfits who’d easily slaughter an upstart. But I’m as passionate about old cars as I am about bikes and a quarterly which didn’t rely on ads or wasteful newsstand sales made sense. So gambling on older readers who, like me, haven’t had their attention spans wrecked by online media, TCMR will have long-form articles recalling our halcyon driving days, proper motoring and proper racing in proper cars, illustrated only by drawings and paintings. Contributors include some of the great names in motoring journalism, past and present, including Douglas Blain, Richard Bremner, Steve Cropley, Richard Williams (no relation), Gavin Green, LJK Setright and Frank Westworth.”

Moreover, Founder Subscribers will receive, FREE, a handsome slip-case and more information, sample texts – the launch issue includes Enzo Ferrari’s last-ever interview – and subscription details are on the website: