October 6th, 2017.

There are many reasons your small business can fail. But many of those reasons can be prevented. While a personal injury claim could destroy your business, there are things that you can do to prevent it from happening. Find out how you can protect your business from personal injury claims.

Invest in general liability insurance

No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen. You should invest in general liability insurance to make sure that your business has coverage for accidents. Without it, you may be on the hook for any costs associated with a personal injury claim. Depending on the severity of the incident, those costs can be quite high.

As a general rule, businesses with property insurance also have general liability coverage. However, you can never be sure. Do your research and look into your insurance policy. It’s also important to realize that a home-run business may have no coverage. In this case, you should get business liability insurance. It won’t only protect you against a personal injury, but will also give you coverage for slander, libel, and property damage.

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