October 26th, 2017.

VE (UK) offers a wide range of performance products for the PX 125 from leading tuning specialists. The most popular upgrade for the PX 125 is a performance cylinder kit, with options available from Malossi, Pinasco, and Polini.

The iconic 166cc cylinder kit from Malossi has recently seen an upgrade to the included cylinder head. The head now features a central plug hole and cooling fins on the underside to dissipate heat better than ever before.


Pinasco offesr two 177cc cylinder kits, one manufactured in cast iron, and one made from aluminium. Both cylinders are supplied with matching cylinder head.

Also available is the new Pinasco Vespone RX 190cc cylinder kit which requires a 60mm stroke crankshaft to be used.

Polini offers two 177cc cylinder kits for, a cast iron cylinder, and an aluminium cylinder.

Also available is a Polini 187cc aluminium kit which requires the use of a larger carb and a 60mm crankshaft, to expand the possibilities for tuning the classic Vespa.

All the above cylinder kits include gaskets where required, gudgeon pin, and circlips.

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