October 31st, 2017.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has produced a short video promoting the benefits of choosing a high-quality training body, in particular a Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC).

By choosing an MCIAC accredited Approved Training Body (ATB), learner riders can be confident that they will receive the level of training essential to ensure they enjoy their motorcycling and do so safely. MCIAC ATBs are audited every year by assessors who check 43 points within the Management, Quality, Safety and Training Delivery areas of each business.

The MCIAC pledges that its accredited ATBs;
1. Have a customer service pledge which will outline what is expected from them.
2. Will offer the type of machine learners want to ride (automatic or geared) using a bike match promise.
3. Offer a professional service which will ensure learning needs are identified, become the focus of a chosen course, and are paced at a speed to suit each student’s learning.
4. Will ensure riders receive the mandatory levels of training (such as a minimum of a two hour road ride on the CBT).
5. Will submit everyone’s details to the MCIAC so it can send learners a feedback survey at the end of the course.
6. Have undertaken the highest level of Approved Training Body accreditation programme to demonstrate their professionalism, and aspiration to be the best in the industry.
7. Are backed by Carole Nash, one of the largest motorcycle insurance companies in the UK.
8. Are supported by the best known brands and manufacturers of motorcycles in the UK.
9. Are recognised by the Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) as providing higher levels of training.
10. Are members of the Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (a member-only organisation for trainers who strive to deliver excellent training).