November 2nd, 2017.

Having originally developed the Extenda Fenda back in the late 80’s, Pyramid Plastics has continued to innovate and expand on the idea of mudguard extension, most recently launching a comprehensive range of Hugger Extensions which are designed specifically to extend the short OEM Rear Mudguards of today.

With the introduction of their Hugger Extension range, Pyramid now has the best combination of front and rear mudguard extension kits anywhere in the world, going hand in hand to provide both bike and rider with greatly improved protection at both ends.

Pyramid has also designed its extensions to replicate the OEM guard to which they are to be fitted, ensuring that they are functional and stylish, while remaining subtle. Pyramid’s extension ranges are available in Matte Black and Carbon Fibre and all products are free from glossy finishes and unsightly stickers.

With a range of Hugger Extensions catering for over 75 models and an even wider range of Extenda Fendas catering for over 350 models, Pyramid is sure to have the right extension package to keep your customers protected at both ends.

Extenda Fendas RRP starting at £16.95 and Hugger Extensions RRP starting at £27.98

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