November 17th, 2017.

Broadband subscribers must receive better information about speeds before they commit to a contract, under a range of new protections recently set out by Ofcom.

Broadband is now an essential service for many households and companies, and speed is a vital factor when shopping around for the right deal. But, there can be a mismatch between what broadband customers believe they are buying, and what they actually receive.

Ofcom is proposing to enhance its existing Codes of Practice, which commits internet companies who have signed up to it to give customers an estimated range of speeds they are likely to receive, as well as the right to exit their contracts penalty-free if their speed falls below a minimum level.

To further strengthen the hand of broadband customers, Ofcom is planning to improve speed information at the point of sale and in contracts, by reflecting the slower speeds people can experience at ‘peak’ time; and by ensuring providers always give a minimum guaranteed speed before sale.

The right to exit if speeds fall below a guaranteed minimum level will be enhanced. Providers would have a limited time to improve speeds before they must let customers walk away penalty-free.

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