November 22nd, 2017.

Fasst Company, the maker of Flexx Handlebars, has a clever new footpeg design for adventure bikes that gives the performance of an off-road platform-style footpeg, with the smoothness of a rubber-covered peg to absorb vibration.

A thick layer of elastomer is added to the underside of the off-road-friendly metal cleat the foot sits on which means the foot stays isolated from any metal-to-metal contact and vibration and sharp impacts don’t jolt as much.

The Fasst peg has a wider platform than the original equipment KTM footpeg, giving the extra leverage necessary to steer a large adventure bike off-road. Screw-in inserts keep feet firmly mounted on the pegs in rough conditions, and the cleat and base are made of extremely strong aluminium.

All Impact Moto Pegs have a black body with the option of orange, red, yellow, white or blue rubber.

SRP: £259.99 inc VAT. 

Call ATV’s Only on 01280 848426 or email sales@atvsonly.co.ukfor further information.