December 5th, 2017.

Getting the best performance from a Honda PCX 125 has never been easier thanks to the wide range of tuning parts manufactured by Malossi and available through VE (UK).

170cc cylinder kit: an uprated ECU with four mappings that raises the rev limiter by 1000 rpm and adjusts the fuelling to ensure that the engine runs at the optimum settings through the entire rev range.

RX exhaust system: manufactured from stainless steels, the RX exhaust system is road legal and features a carbon fibre end cap. The exhaust also has a removable DB killer for off-road use.

Multivar variator: - the Multivar variator gives owners looking to achieve a better road speed from their machine an overall increase in performance, with an improved top end speed, and better acceleration. The variator is supplied as a complete kit with rollers, variator driven pulley, pulley bush, sliders, and back plate.

X-Kevlar drive belt: Malossi's Kevlar drive belts are renowned the world over. They offer several key benefits over standard belts, with increased grip, increased time between service intervals and reinforced layers to increase belt life, all leading to a more reliable transmission setup.

Clutches - Malossi manufactures two types of clutch for the PCX, the Fly, a non-adjustable clutch unit, and the Delta, a fully adjustable clutch. Both versions are available as a stand-alone unit or a kit.

In addition to VE's highly competitive Flat Rate items VE have just revised prices across many thousands of Malossi parts to ensure you get the best deal. See for yourself at

Malossi performance products are imported by VE (UK), the Malossi Spa Appointed Sole UK Distributor. 

To order the above or view the complete range of Malossi products available from VE (UK) visit: (registration required). 

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