January 11th, 2018.

Troubleshooting and repairing fuel injected scooters can be expensive, that's why VE (UK) now stocks replacement fuel injectors for the range of Maxi Scooters that use the Piaggio 250/300/400/500cc engines.

Fuel additives and erosion can build up on fuel injectors over time, erosion is a result of not using a scooter for a long time. Both the additives and debris can also clog the fuel injector, this may cause running issues, misfiring, stalling, or even failure to start. Injectors can also fail due to electrical faults with the same symptoms as a dirty or blocked injector.

Whether the fuel injector has failed due to an electrical fault or becomes blocked, these new items from VE (UK) allow a cost-effective repair when compared to OE prices.

VS19300 - 250/300cc: equivalent to Piaggio part number 6388498.
VS19301 - 400/500cc: equivalent to Piaggio part number 8304275 and Aprilia part number AP8560170.

To view the complete range of fuel system products available from VE (UK), visit www.ve-trade.com (registration required).

Contact VE (UK) by: Telephone on 0115 946 2991, Fax on 0115 946 9292, or by email at: sales@ve-trade.com