February 22nd, 2018.

UK businesses are facing a tough time. From political and economic uncertainties to ever-changing technologies.

UK Business landscape from 2007-2018

Over the past ten years’ British business have faced some huge challenges. A recession hit in 2007, followed by a banking collapse in 2008. At the height of the economic downturn as many as 50 businesses closed each day. Reasons included declining sales due and the credit crunch. This meant businesses could not access credit from banks or other lending institutions.

Across the country, many industries were hit hard. Even large businesses like Woolworths and Blockbuster weren’t safeguarded. In fact, no business was “too big to fail”. RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) also collapsed. RBS was most known for sponsoring the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

Following the recession surviving UK businesses continued to struggle. During this time there was a rise in ‘discount retailers’.

Poundland, Lidl, and Primark all saw their profits increase while....

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