March 9th, 2018.

This counter-top display is the perfect way to display the full range of exclusive Liqui Moly SHOOTERS, including the new Oil Additive MoS2.

Each pack contains six units of each Engine Flush Shooter, Speed Shooter, 4T Shooter, MoS2 Shooter (total 24pcs).


Speed Shooter - For Increased Performance

Increases acceleration
Improves engine performance
Promotes optimum combustion
For 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines
One 80ml is sufficient for 10 litres of fuel
Recommended for use at every fuelling
RRP: £4.99 per can

4T Shooter - For improved economy

Fuel System Cleaner
Optimises engine performance
Improves fuel economy
Reduces emissions
Corrosion protection
For 4-stroke carb and fuel injected engines
One 80ml is sufficient for 5-10 litres of fuel
Recommended for use at every fueling
RRP: £4.99 per can

Engine Flush Shooter - For enhanced engine life

Oil circuit flush and clean
Restores engine performance
Thorough engine cleansing
Promotes longer engine life
Will not harm seals or gaskets
Safe for catalytic converters
For 4-stroke engines
Use between oil changes
RRP: £4.99 per can

MoS2 Shooter
Minimizes friction
Reduces wear
Smooth engine running
Reduces oil and fuel consumption
Increases smooth operation
Prevents operational malfunctions
Miscible with all commercially available gear oils
Mixable with all commercially available motor oils
Tested for catalytic converters
Handy 20ml tube, easy to transport in a pocket
RRP: £4.99 per 20ml tube

Retail Value of complete tray £113.52

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