March 29, 2018.

Whether it is a new way of charging or a new battery, research is constantly being conducted to make sure electric cars are a success story and combustion engines are relegated to the history books.

The use of supercapacitors as the main source of power for electric cars may be a long way in the future, but would provide fast charging of only a few minutes, and a dense energy source with a long life of 3,000 – 5,000 charging cycles

Electric cars are the future for roads. Over the next 20 years electric power will cease to be a choice for the environmentally conscious and will become the only option available. However, people have been spoilt with combustion engines. These can be refuelled in an average of 7 minutes and can travel for 400 or more miles before they need to be topped up.

Changing to a vehicle which may need several hours charging before it can go anywhere and may only be able to travel 200 miles before it needs to be plugged in again, has given rise to range anxiety and charging woes. No matter how futuristic, technologically advanced, or luxurious electric cars are, many drivers will not be won over until the range and charging barriers are removed.....

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