March 29th, 2018.

The range of Tru Tension Motorcycle cleaners is now available from Bike It.

Tru Tension PrimeShine Brake Cleaner

This specially formulated brake cleaner is designed to rapidly remove dirt, dust, carbon and oil build up on all braking components, leaving you with the optimum braking performance for your motorcycle.

• Effectively removes dirt and contaminants from brake components
• Optimises braking performance
• Perfect for all brake types
• Safe to use on rubbers and seals
• High powered nozzle
• Quick-dry action
• Banana fragrance
• 500 ml
RRP: £7.99

Tru-Tension PrimeShine Carb Cleaner
PrimeShine Carb Cleaner has been perfectly designed to penetrate all parts of the carburettor or injector to quickly and efficiently remove grime and contaminants.
• High powered nozzle to blast away contamination in hard to reach places
• Instantly lifts dirt for clean running
• Perfect for all types of carburettors and injectors
• Quick-drying action
• 500ml
RRP: £7.99

Tru Tension PrimeShine TT78 Multi-use Spray
No workshop or garage is complete without the Tru-Tension TT78 multi-use spray. This all-in-one spray is explicitly designed to lubricate, clean and protect motorcycle parts while leaving a high gloss finish.
• Lubricates stiff, hard to move components
• Perfect for cleaning surfaces such as nuts, bolts, engine casing and even fairing
• Prevents rust
• Repels moisture
• Protects against corrosion
• Delivers a high gloss protective layer on surfaces
• 500ml
RRP: £8.99

Tru Tension PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner
PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner has been developed for quick and easy cleaning leaving a polished shimmering shine to your pride and joy.
• One spray instant foam cleaner and polish
• Quick, easy and highly effective all in one cleaner
• No water needed, so no watermarks!
• Perfect for bodywork and painted/plastic parts
• Indoor cleaning
• 500ml
RRP: £9.99

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