April 6th, 2018.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycles, has collaborated with leading British security brand Datatool to produce a bespoke version of the Datatool Trakking Adventure GNSS tracking solution for the Zero range in the UK.

Identifying the need for advanced security options to combat the high motorcycle theft rates currently being experienced in the UK, Zero approached Datatool to adapt its existing product to the unique technical requirements of its electric motorcycles. The product has already proved its worth when a Zero fitted with the development version of the tracking device was stolen from the back of a van and recovered later that same day.

“With high motorcycle theft rates, particularly in London, we identified the need to offer our customers a device that would make their machines less vulnerable to theft and more easily found in the event of them being taken away by thieves in a van," explained Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles' UK country manager.

"I have been testing the product for several months now, but the ultimate test came last week, when two of our bikes were stolen from the back of a van in the London area. Ironically we had just been introducing the partnership with Datatool to our dealers at a conference the day before, but I hadn't expected that we would have to put it to the test when I got up the next morning.

"I reported the theft at 8.00am and the data confirmed that the bike was stolen at 3.37am. Datatool collaborated with the Met Police's stolen vehicle squad, and the bikes were tracked to within a metre of their actual location, under a tarpaulin in a timber yard. The police extraction team commented that the information given to them, in the form of a pinpointed Google map and exact coordinates, was the most accurate they had received and I got a call to come and pick the bikes up a few hours later. A great job by Datatool, and also the Metropolitan Police, and total justification for our decision to offer this service to our customers. We'll certainly make sure Datatool trackers are fitted to all of our company-owned test bikes."

Dave Plummer, Brand Manager at Datatool, added: “Traditionally our products have been designed to work in conjunction with the motorcycle’s 12-volt electrical system, but a Zero is far from traditional, not being equipped with a 12v battery. Thanks to our in-house R&D capability, we are able to configure TrakKING Adventure to rely on its internal battery which is recharged when the bike is ridden. This battery is constantly monitored, and the customer will receive an automatic email notification if it gets low.

"We've been collaborating closely with Zero's European headquarters to ensure that the tracking solution has no negative impact on the bike's battery, and Dale has personally been testing the system for the past three months. It's never good to see bikes being stolen, but we were delighted to see that when the Zeros were stolen last week, the TrakKING monitoring team was able to give the police the information required to locate and recover the bikes within a few hours."

The fitting of a Thatcham approved tracking device is increasingly considered necessary by a number of insurance companies in order to receive competitively priced cover.

Andy Goodson, Sales and Marketing Director at Lexham Insurance Consultants, one of the increasing number of insurance brokers offering cover for Zero Motorcycles, confirmed that the fitment of the new Datatool system would be looked upon favourably when providing quotes for Zero riders. He added: "Electric motorcycles have previously been taboo for some insurance underwriters, but we've been able to secure rates to bring the cost of covering a Zero down, rating them alongside mid-range petrol bikes in the 700-800cc category.

"That said, the current climate is making getting cover for any motorcycle in certain inner London areas very difficult and insurers are looking at what measures owners have in place before quoting. A tracking product such as this is one such device that they would be looking for because, as we regularly see, they are very effective in helping the police recover bikes in the event that they are stolen."

Owners are able to constantly monitor the location of their bikes via a free smartphone app and, as well as offering a comprehensive tracking service utilising multiple satellite constellations, the Datatool Trakking Adventure also includes crash detection functionality, which recognises when the bike is on its side.

The system is available from Zero dealers at a RRP of £349, with subscriptions starting at £9.95 per month or £109 a year.

Call Datatool on 01257 249928 for further information.

Pictured (from left to right): Dale Robinson (UK Country Manager, Zero Motorcycles), Dave Plummer (Datatool Brand Manager) and Cees Lengers (Marketing Manager EMEA, Zero Motorcycles)