April 13th, 2018.

Bike It Exhaust Packing Sheets are made from a material that is uniquely compressed and stitched together with a fine low-temperature melting thread which dissolves on contact with hot exhaust gasses. This releases the compressed fibres to expand and fully fill the chamber voids.

Ideally suited for non-uniform exhaust cans such as oval or tri-oval that can be tricky to re-pack using standard materials.

Bike It Exhaust Packing Sheets are available in three lengths to suit the most popular exhaust can sizes, but are also designed to be trimmed for precision. What's more, there is no need to use stainless steel to cover the perforated pipe. Fitting is simple, just wrap the sheet around the perforated pipe and cut to attain the required fill volume.


• Higher temperature resistance, up to 1000 degrees - this eliminates the need for s/steel wool
• High resistance to high pulse compacting
• Increased sound absorption compared to traditional materials
• Improved thermal insulation - this reduces the need for internal or external heat shields
• More efficient than the conventional needle mat or blown-in fibre products
• Each sheet is 1 metre wide

Sizes and RRP prices:
350mm x 1m @ £13.99
400mm x 1m @ £15.99
450mm x 1m @ £17.99

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