May 17th, 2018.

Recent analysis of DVSA data from non-standard vehicle finance provider Moneybarn, has revealed the age of people taking motorbike tests is rising, with the number of over 55-year-olds increasing by more than 80 per cent in the last five years.*

Sixty seems to be the age many are deciding that getting a motorbike can be crossed off the bucket list, as the number of people passing tests at this age has more than doubled. The oldest person to pass a test in 2017 was 80 years old.

Research from Saga Insurance has also revealed that only one in five ‘silver’ riders use their bike to commute. Many are turning to riding as a hobby, using the additional spare time they have to treat themselves to a motorbike and enjoy it.

In contrast, numbers of younger bikers are dropping as the number of 19-year olds taking tests fell by nearly 20 percent in the last two years. The data suggests many are holding out so they can apply for their full A licence, available to those aged 24 and over. It shows more than three times the number of 24-year olds taking the full A licence test, compared with 23-year olds taking the A2 licence test.

Sales and marketing director of Moneybarn, Simon Bayley, commented; “It’s great to see the diversity of ages now enjoying riding motorbikes. The number of older individuals passing their tests shows people potentially fulfilling life-long dreams, once they have more free time and disposable income to purchase a bike.

However, the data also shows a decline in younger generations and female riders taking to the roads on a bike, indicating the motorcycle industry still has way to go before it appeals to an even wider demographic.”

*Information on test pass ages for module 2 motorcycle test provided by the DVSA.