May 22nd, 2018.

R&G Second Skin is a newly-released, transparent film, specially designed to protect motorcycles from stone chips and road debris, and Preston-based Armour Factory has been appointed as the first Accredited Installer of the product.

Made from a UV-stable, high-quality and ultra-tough polyurethane, R&G Second Skin has been designed to protect road and track motorcycles from stone chips, debris and scratches. Capable of dispersing impact energy, the film ensures the fairing remains free from damage and leaves the bike in showroom condition.

Capable of fitting around even the tightest curves of a motorcycle, each R&G Second Skin kit contains precision-cut film to protect the front mudguard, fork shields, nose cone, tail unit and leading edges of the fairing. Whilst Second Skin can be installed at home (with a little patience), Armour Factory has been appointed as the first R&G Accredited Installer of the product; meaning customers can take advantage of its expertise – as Fast Bikes magazine’s Charlie Oakman recently discovered when he had his long-term Yamaha R6 protected at R&G HQ:

To learn how you could become an R&G Second Skin Accredited Installer, contact or to find out more direct from Armour Factory, email

The new Accredited Installer scheme will see each qualifying company featured on the R&G website, its various social media channels and in R&G advertisements, and they will also be featured on Second Skin fitting information supplied to dealers and end users alike.

For more information on the full range of R&G products and Dealer opportunities, contact Alan Garrett, UK Sales Manager on 01420 89007 or or your R&G Sales Agent.