June 29th, 2018.

Based in the UK, Tru-Tension is a manufacturer of innovative tools and care products designed specifically for the motorcycle and motorsports industry.

Available from official UK distributor Bike It, the Tru-Tension products focus on making life that little bit easier for riders and mechanics alike when tackling the task of drivetrain maintenance. Its low-cost range of cleaning and care products includes the BananaSlip chain wax and lube which uniquely smell of bananas …. Now that little nugget of information may not impress many, but the protective properties of the products, which retail for just under a tenner, may well do so.

Tru-Tension’s ‘Monkey’ range currently comprises four products, namely, Chain Monkey, Belt Monkey, Muck Monkey and Wheel Monkey, with a new item due to be launched within the next few weeks. The task of tensioning a motorcycle chain can often be a tedious and time consuming, yet essential, job. However, with Chain Monkey, anyone can set their chain tension quickly, easily and with a minimal knowledge of mechanics. It basically takes the guesswork out of motorcycle chain adjustment and gives the perfect amount of slack when doing so. It clamps onto the chain and gives the correct chain tension first time. In short, it’s a simple and effective gadget and won’t break the bank at £24.99.

All Tru-Tension products are available from stock via Bike It. Call 023 8065 8700, email or visit for further information.