July 5th, 2018.

Now available from VE (UK) is the digital speedo cable upgrade for the range of SIP digital speedos.

The new cables utilise the existing speedo drive in the front hub and convert the rotation from the drive gear to a digital signal that is sent to the speedo assembly. The cable is routed as per the standard cable and eliminates the chance of a speedo cable snapping during use.

The unit is fully waterproofed against the elements and gives a more accurate speedo reading than the standard cable.
The digital cable is available in three versions and are supplied with all parts required for fitment:

VE12209: Vespa GS, Vespa Rally, Vespa 150 Sportique, Vespa 150 Sprint, Vespa 150 Super, Vespa VBA/VBB, and Lambretta LI/SX/TV/GP

VE12210: Vespa PX, Vespa PK, Vespa T5, and Vespa GTS.

VE12211: Vespa PK, Vespa 50, Vespa 90, Vespa 50SS, and Vespa 90SS.

The full fitment list for each cable is available at
To order the above or view the complete range of speedos and speedo parts available from VE (UK) visit: (registration required).

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