August 17th, 2018.

As skills shortages hit businesses, employers must be ready to utilise as broad a pool of labour as possible. Against this backdrop, are we overlooking older talent?

Following a fall in net migration from the EU, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has revealed that 40 per cent of employers are having more problems filling vacancies than they did last year.

More than ever, businesses must consider as diverse a pool of labour as possible. And while diversity on the gender and race front is well documented, diversity of age has been somewhat left in the shadows. Are we to discount older recruits just because we assume the world has passed them by?

Today’s entrepreneurial scene may conjure up images of young techies building empires from reams of code. But in reality, the most common age of a UK business owner, according to Companies House, is 51. By nature of their age, these people have built reserves of nous and expertise, crucial to navigating the extremes of business decisionmaking. And contemporaries they hire are no different.

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