August 30th, 2018.

Pitching your business idea to a prospective investor is tough. Hands down, it will be the hardest presentation you are ever likely to do in your career.

Here are some tips to getting it right.

1. Know what an investor is looking for 

No matter the type of investor, they need to be confident that your business will attract and retain customers. You need to inspire confidence with facts, not fiction.

Any investor is looking for the lowest risk with the highest return, as quickly as possible.

Proven business management skills are what bank managers look for in a presentation. They want to know that five years from now, you can still be at the helm and successfully guiding the company forward. Showing some initial cash flow from revenues and limited costs has a better chance of getting investors than a business plan that forecasts large returns in the future.

Investors are normally looking for one of the following three things to be of a really stand-out quality. Ideally, all three.

The team: It will be important to show how you have the right team with the most relevant experience and skills

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