September 6th, 2018.

This is a question that must plague those in charge of an organisation’s data and security. There are so many solutions out there, and there is certainly no ‘silver bullet’ for cybersecurity. What is a CTO, CISO or CSO to do?

There isn’t one solution or method to cyber security, explained Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection for Gemalto. “The best solutions vary depending on the nature of an organisation, the data it stores and the industry it operates in. For any business,what’s most important is being aware, by understanding the types of data it stores, and which bits need to be protected.

“Before it even thinks about the solutions it should be using, a business needs to know what it’s trying to protect and where it sits. Unless it does that first, there’s no guarantee that any solutions put in place will be fit for purpose.”

Security solutions can include two-factor authentication, encryption and key management. These technologies and services – if applied in the right setting – can help businesses authenticate identities and protect data. This will improve the protection of the increasing number of personal devices, connected objects, in and between the cloud.

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