September 14th, 2018.

Digital marketing is getting quicker and more competitive as marketers look for ways to appeal to ever more fickle consumers.

The number of digital marketing tools and channels keen for your custom are huge and deciding where to put your hard-earned revenue is a challenge, especially when your brand is at stake.

So, before you begin planning your 2019 marketing, here are the digital marketing trends experts think are worth investing in the year ahead

Voice search
The rise of Google and Amazon have brought voice search devices to millions, which enable you to search and order products with your voice via digital assistants. Gartner predicts that 30 per cent of all web browsing sessions will be made by voice-activated searches by 2020. Whether this leads to Amazon ‘destroying traditional brands’, a claim made by NYU professor of marketing Scott Galloway in 2017, remains to be seen.

Mark Ralphs, Partner at Good Rebels says that voice technology and intelligent assistants like Alexa and Google’s Duplex will replace human and/or digital touchpoints on the consumer journey.

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