October 5th, 2018.

Ixon has launched an innovative electronic airbag which is said to be the only electronic airbag suitable for wearing under any brand of motorcycle jacket.

The IX-AIRBAG-U03 is the product of French motorcycle clothing manufacturer Ixon and airbag tech company InMotion; a firm experienced in making airbags for both ski and equestrian markets.

The airbag has been in use for the last two years in MotoGP, gathering valuable data to constantly improve the algorithms that allow the system to function. On top of that, 500 users around Europe were selected to test the product in all different environments, with different bikes and different riders. In total over one million kilometres were ridden during this test period.

The key features of the new airbag are;
• It can be worn under any motorcycle jacket – providing that the jacket is not already a tightly fitting garment
• The system detects an accident and fully inflates in 0.055ms. It has 12 litres of air space, allowing for significant coverage across the torso
• Key points of protection are the spine, neck, collarbone, thorax and abdomen
• It has a CE Level 1 back protector built in
• A sretch fit and mesh lining allow breathability when wearing
• It has a 20-hour battery life, charged with a mini-USB
• Available in sizes S to 2XL

RRP: £379.99 plus a monthly subscription fee
Availability: From October 2018

IX-AIRBAG-U03 concept stores are being appointed now contact the UK’s sole distributor Motogear for information.

Contact: Motogear
E: sales@motogear.co.uk
T: 01536 485484