October 9th, 2018.

GDPR has had a profound impact on the customer databases of a lot of small businesses. Lindsey Roberts is GDPR project manager at Visualsoft, an e-commerce digital marketing agency. She talks about the effects of GDPR on small businesses and what you can do to make the new rules work for you.

The best companies were prepared
The effect of GDPR on any small business has a direct correlation to how well they prepared for the change. For those who sent information requests to customers well in advance of the regulation’s enforcement, databases should have remained strong.

Of course, they may have depleted due to individuals unsubscribing from communications – but this means that remaining subscribers are more likely to be more engaged and a better target for promotional material.

Removing stagnant contacts, that had little or no impact on the company’s revenue pre-regulation, allows businesses to focus on tailoring their products and content to those individuals that will continue to make purchases with them post-GDPR.

How do small businesses feel about the new rules?
Many of the businesses we work with are looking at this positively. For those that successfully adapted their processes to GDPR, the regulation is perceived as a positive enforcement.

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