October 11th, 2018.

German brand dguard, the world’s first eCall system for motorcycles, has much to offer the roving motorcyclist; it’s an emergency call system, theft warning, and touring handbook all rolled into one neat package.

Originally launched in the summer of 2017 to the UK market, dguard is the only retro-fit eCall system for motorcycles on the market, and the updated version 3 now available from Bike It.

But there is more to this inconspicuous product as, not only will dguard trigger that vital emergency services response to the rider’s location, it also detects movement of the motorcycle when a key isn’t present. It will trigger a theft alert directly to the owner’s mobile, and will continue to constantly track the motorcycle, whilst that owner alerts the police, making it a useful multi-functional safety and security product.

Newly added features mean that dguard now also features a ‘Touring Roadbook’, allowing the rider to capture his/her routes and tours in detail. Accessed via a smartphone app, the user can record journeys made, speed and altitude. Numerous filter options make the dguard app extremely user-friendly and means motorcyclists can personalise tours, add comments and share with their friends on social media platforms. This is a user-activated option that can quickly be activated or deactivated via the app.

dguard offers dealers a unique product with excellent profit opportunities. It has unrivalled technological features and is a useful upsell on new and used bike sales.

It is only available to the consumer via a network of approved professional installers, fully trained to fit dguard to any model of motorcycle with a key-operated ignition.

RRP: £499.99 plus installation costs.

Contact Bike It to arrange a demonstration and learn more about becoming an accredited dguard installer with additional fitting and activation incentives. Call: 02380 658700 or visit www.bikeittrade.com