October 12th, 2018.

Ever dreamed of selling on eBay full-time? It’ll take a hefty amount of work – successful sellers flog more than a few pieces of tat from around the house.

An astonishing 40 per cent of home businesses actually don’t have their own website, either – they opt for selling on eBay and/or Amazon. It makes sense: you have people searching for items that they wouldn’t normally find in the shops and you’ve got a ready-made, diverse marketplace.

But you’ll have to treat it as a bona fide business, with licences, tax and a solid customer feedback score.

If you’re baffled by eBay selling, read on for some tips on how to get going. We also chat with two UK entrepreneurs who have made their eBay selling a success.

How do I start setting up a business on eBay?
Firstly, Think about a business name, acquiring a licence (check your local government laws) and compiling a business plan.

When those are in place, you’ve got two account options on sign-up: regular and business. Having a business account means that you can use your company name and branding in all of your communications with customers. You’re also eligible to apply for a discount on eBay fees.

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