November 9th, 2018.

It's not often that Oxford Products' founding Chairman Alec Hammond is left speechless, but such an occasion was experienced by the whole staff contingent at Oxford last week. MD Andrew Hammond, assisted by Julie (wife of Les Burgan), presented Alec with the very Peckett and McNab Kawasaki that fueled Alec's racing passion nearly 40 years ago.

Frame number 34 was hunted down by Oxford Products' Classic TT team owner Stafford Evans, who then fettled the classic racing Kawasaki, adding the finishing touch of a painted letterbox fairing as used in the 1979 TT.

At that time, Les Burgan and Rod Scivyer raced it in the Formula 1 series alongside roads legends such as Ron Haslam, Graeme Crosby and Mike Hailwood. That year, Les won the North Gloucester MCC Championship on this very machine.

The bike is currently residing in the foyer of Oxford's Witney headquarters, where dealers are welcome to come and visit, anytime.

Pictured above: Oxford's MD Andrew Hammond presenting Chairman Alec Hammond with the 1979 P&M Kawasaki, helped by Les Burgan's widow, Julie.