November 14th, 2018.

Road Race 2018 is claimed to be the world's first pure road racing annual, covering the four big international meetings – the North West 200, the Isle of Man TT, the Ulster Grand Prix and the Macau Grand Prix.

With full race reports, results, exclusive features and interviews with the sport's biggest stars, Road Race 2018 is also packed with spectacular, glossy images from the best photographers in the business. Written by Stuart Barker – editor of the Official Isle of Man TT Programme – the book is intended to be the first of many annuals aimed at being invaluable reference guides and complete records of the international road racing season.

The North West, TT, UGP and Macau GP are four of the most spectacular and dangerous races on earth, where Superbikes reach speeds of over 200mph on closed public roads while having to negotiate stone walls, Armco barriers, trees, buildings, humpback bridges and even tram lines.

This year saw the likes of Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison and Michael Dunlop take road racing to a whole new level, with speeds never seen before, culminating in Hickman's first ever 135mph lap of the TT Mountain Course.

But it was also a year of tragedy, with several well-known and popular riders tragically losing their lives as they sought to push the boundaries in the sport they loved. Road Race 2018 pays tribute not only to the victors in this rollercoaster season but also to those who paid the ultimate price.

With a Foreword by Senior TT winner and outright TT lap record holder, Peter Hickman, Road Race 2018 is published in hardback by Mannin Media and costs £30. Now available for pre-order, from Amazon, the book will be delivered in early December.