November 29th, 2018.

Frando now offers clutch slave cylinders in two different lengths, so motorcycles with short and long clutch activation arms can be converted from cable-operated to hydraulic systems.

Converting a clutch from cable to hydraulic operation gives a lighter, smoother and maintenance-free operation. Fitting is relatively straightforward, with three main components;

1. Replacement clutch lever and master cylinder

2. Slave cylinder, which attaches to the clutch housing.

3. Hydraulic hose, which replaces the cable and connects the master cylinder to the slave.

The Frando slave cylinder is compact - the main body measures just 24 x 55 mm - with a piston diameter of 12.7 mm and a 10 mm stroke. The piston stem on the short version is adjustable from 35-42 mm and from 56 – 63 mm on the long model, so they can be extended or shortened to sit perfectly on the clutch arm.

Modular in design, the Slave Cylinder attaches to a hydraulic hose via a standard m10 x 1.00 banjo bolt, with a built-in bleed nipple for easy air removal, and can be used in conjunction with Frando’s 15 mm Clutch Master Cylinder or paired to other compatible systems.

The Frando Clutch Slave Cylinder retails at £105.12 including VAT and Venhill can supply high-quality British-made hydraulic hoses to suit any bike or set-up. for more information.