April 11th, 2019.

The Standard Motor Corporation, otherwise known as SMC, has been producing top-selling ATVs in Taiwan for over 25 years. Here in the UK, the brand has been available for a little over a year through specialist distributor Dualways.

SMC was founded in 1993 and was the first Taiwanese company to supply big-wheel scooters as well as engines to other manufacturers. In 2000, the company expanded into ATV production, which quickly grew and led to the move, in 2004, to its current 18,000sqm factory site at Kantien.

ATV production has continued apace ever since, with SMC now offering a full range of quality, high-spec machines from kids’ quads in 50cc, 90cc and 100cc sizes right up to the mighty SMC MBX 850cc V-twin road-legal sports quad featuring selectable two/four-wheel-drive, electric power steering and a hefty 77bhp in off-road spec. The latest addition to the SMC range is the latest version of the Max 700, a heavy-duty utility 4x4 machine that offers a comparable specification to the leading manufacturers, but at a very competitive retail price point.

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