April 2nd, 2019.

Employees currently think of stealing data, or taking corporate data with them, as a similar offence to taking paper clips home – technology, education and reassurance are required to stop this.

When people outside of the IT industry hear the phrase ‘data breach’ or a story about cybersecurity, the initial thought is that it is the result of a sophisticated hacker or organisation ‘attacking’ a business. Enterprises are of course being targeted by sophisticated cyber-attacks, however, there are many unsophisticated data breaches occurring every day, where employees or former employees are stealing data and trying to profit from this in some way.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the last decade has seen ‘data’ turn from just one of many resources within a business to a potential game-changer – experts are continually painting ‘data as the new oil’. So, perhaps disgruntled employees have taken note, and have decided to do something else with that data.

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