April 3rd, 2019.

David Kinnaird, known affectionately in the trade as “Dave K”, celebrates 25 years of service to Oxford Products this April. As the second longest serving employee in the company’s history, he has witnessed - and driven - mighty changes within the organisation.

DK: “I was interviewed in early 1994 for a rep’s job in the North East and they couldn’t decide between me and another guy. So they started us both and let the best man win… he left after a couple of months and the rest is history!”

The company was then turning over around £2million a year, a figure Dave K would be soon be generating in his own right. Having seen off his first competitor, Dave went on to be the company’s top salesman, then into sales management before joining the board in 2001 as UK Sales Director.

Managing Director Andrew Hammond, who celebrated the same milestone back in 2016, is unequivocal about Kinnaird’s contribution to the company:

“Dave is the beating heart of Oxford Products. He has been at the centre of our success story for the last quarter of a century, inspiring exceptional sales achievement and writing far in excess of £100m of business with his own fair hand.”

During his time at Oxford, Kinnaird has seen significant changes in the company’s infrastructure and staff. The company - which in 1994 had less than 20 people working out of a 5,000 sq ft unit - has grown and branched out to become a Group of four companies, employing over 200 people operating out of more than 170,000 sq ft of warehouse and office space.

DK: “The team I work with is incredible. They make us what we are, delivering the products and services which our customers want. They will carry the business into the stratosphere during the next 25 years, as we continue to do what we do best – grow, grow, grow.”